Reduction of Waste, Water, Energy and CO²

Production of own energy through 3 large solar power plants.
CEDIC+POS is completely autonomous in terms of energy.

38% reduction of CO² emissions
 over the few years.

Recovery of processing heatcomplete exchange of all conventional illuminants for LED illuminants, and consistent recycling.

Personal “Green” car: Our company cars are the most energy-efficient vehicles in each vehicle class. Trains for longer distances. For flights: carbon offset payments to stay climate neutral. 

Elimination of redundant freight, transport and packaging. Innovative packaging materials and synergies in dispatch.

Built sustainability thinking and practices into everyday work from all of CEDIC+POS‘s employees.



CEDIC+POS's Eco Design Measures

Environmental criteria have been integrated into the whole project life cycle:

Material composition every part and material can be identified 
—> Enabling easy sorting and thus complete recycling.

Designed with mechanical fastening assembly techniques 
—> allows the parts to be separated during the recycling process.

Permanent and proactive research into new “green” raw materials.

Impact of manufacturing processes, shipping, use, and even product disposal considerations. 
Permanently on the search for optimisation and synergies.

Application for  POPAI Sustainability Standard Measurement Program certification 
—> Industry-wide standardised measures for environmentally friendly display solutions at P.O.P.



Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Solidarity Sourcing: Measures for inclusion

CEDIC+POS is wide aware of its Corporate Social Responsibility.
No sourcing in countries where human rights, human dignity or health and the environment are neglected. We make sure that our suppliers comply with European standards or comparable regulations.
Every year, the company group donates 1% of their total sales to international social projects, which benefit children.


The subject of inclusion has been a part of our production process for over 15 years.

CEDIC+POS has been cooperating with the association “Johannes Diakonie” in Mosbach since 2002, which is only about 15 km from our production plant in Heilbronn.

This association supports around 3000 handicapped people all over Germany, to be integrated in and contribute to the working world on a daily basis —> social inclusion

CEDIC+POS works with this association on a regular basis, e.g. repetitive tasks such as the pre-mounting and pre-assembling of display parts.