Our development and design is finely tuned to meet your precise requirements.

CEDIC+POS draws from a diverging pool of employees and suppliers across Europe to produce excellent design.

Designers of all ages and disciplines work at our headquarters, in major European cities, at universities and in agencies.
Design management takes place in Heilbronn.


Regardless of whether we develop the design or take over customer layouts, perfect product development through specially created, interdisciplinary project teams.

Always at the head office – working in parallel, efficiently and taking advantage of the latest materials and technology.
Constant value engineering is a continuous part of the entire process.


​Our high-quality prototypes are carefully and perfectly designed from the outset.

Our prototyping department often produces functional samples, e.g. in 3D printing so that the new P.O.P. elements can be tested under real conditions.
CEDIC+POS prototypes are extraordinary in their technical quality and function and impressive in their appearance and feel.