You can depend on us, your full service partner, in all phases of your project.


Assurance through full service from a single source - you choose where we start:

Assurance through our established experience - e.g. in the roll out of complex projects:

Assurance through information - transparent reporting process:

Assurance through reliable deadlines and quality promises - guaranteed throughout the entire process!



  • Design
  • Development
  • Sourcing: Materials and colour samples
  • Models and prototypes
  • Batch patterns
  • Production (to ISO; sustainability; CRS)
  • Roll out
  • Roll out of complex projects
    All over Germany, in Europe and America / Asia
  • Logistics
    worldwide thanks to subcontractors
  • Installation
    worldwide thanks to subcontractors
  • Third Party
    receipt, storage and trade of goods from other suppliers


  • Ongoing retro planning
  • Merchandising reports
  • Delivery status monitoring










We are renowned for our outstanding
punctuality and reliability 
combined with our excellent after-sales service.